Responsible Business Forum Executive Office

Forum’s Executive Office, Smart Kolektiv, is responsible for the realization of its activities. Smart Kolektiv  is one of the initiators of founding  the Forum.

Executive Office has the professional and logistical capacity in CSR as part of its portfolio, so it analyzes, continuously monitors and initiates trends, communicates with other relevant entities in the country and internationally in this field.

Executive Office ensures the undisturbed Forum functioning by coordinating the work of the Forum members, providing them with support and agreed services and realizing the concrete projects of the Forum; Under the leadership of the Executive Director, the Executive Office proposes elements for further development of the Forum’s work, prepares the strategy, annual work plans and actions, and conducts and guides specific activities and projects of the Forum within the resources available to the network.


Smart Kolektiv as an organization that seeks to actively support the community in a responsible and efficient relationship with the ever-growing and complex challenges of sustainable development through innovative use of business solutions. Through its activities, Smart Kolektiv promotes business and society relations by mobilizing the multiple potentials of the business sector in order to solve social and environmental problems of the community.

The work of Smart Kolektiv takes place in three interrelated programs: socially responsible business, social economy/social entrepreneurship and social communications.