Companies Once Again Expressed Their Commitment to Sustainable Development and Responsible Business

Belgrade, December 7, 2017 – At the eighth annual CSR Forum conference, Responsible Business Forummember companies once again expressed their commitment to sustainable development and socially responsible business.

“The number of companies in Serbia that integrate CSR principles into the business strategy and develop strategic CSR programs is growing year after year. Companies are committed to meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and include in their activities the objectives of: quality education, good health and well-being for all, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, gender equality and the ending of hunger and poverty”, said Neven Marinović, Executive Director of the Responsible Business Forum.

Among the highlights of the conference was the presentation of the publication “Recommendations for advancement of the Law on employing and professional rehabilitation of people with disabilities”, as well as examples of good practices of companies in this domain.

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