European Award for CSR Partnership

The first pan-European CSR Partnership Award was launched in 2012 in 30 European countries, including Serbia. In order to contribute to the visibility of the best CSR practices and to raise awareness of the positive role that the business sector can have in society, this competition was initiated by the European Commission, whose CSR Strategy 2011-2014 launching this competition is one of the ways to emphasize that the concept of partnerships of the business sector with other sectors is an effective mechanism for contributing to the sustainable development of society. The coalition of organizations that implemented national competitions was coordinated by CSR Europe and Business in the Community.

There were 15 entries for the competition in Serbia: 12 in the category of large companies and 3 in the category of small and medium enterprises. The submitted projects were evaluated by an independent jury consisting of representatives of the business sector, public and international institutions and non-profit organizations, according to a carefully developed methodology unique for all participating countries, which particularly values the innovative approach to sustainability and the impact that the implementation of the partnership initiative had on the society and the company itself.

The success of the winning projects was celebrated at a ceremony in Brussels, where the winners of national competitions from 30 countries, including the winners of the prize in Serbia – B92 and Sunce Marinković – received special awards from the European Commission.

All winning projects are presented in the publication Golden Book Celebrating CSR Partnerships, which presents a unique overview of the most innovative and successful partnership initiatives of companies and representatives of the civil and public sectors throughout Europe.