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Our Belgrade – I volunteer because I love my city! 


Every year, “Our Belgrade” gathers employees in socially responsible companies who, with various volunteering activities, contribute to the quality of life of their fellow citizens and their city. Upon its establishment in 2009 this volunteering action included eight companies, while today the number of companies and the results of the action are three times higher. In order to transfer good practice to local communities in Serbia, RBF initiated large volunteering actions in other cities of Serbia – “Our Gornji Milanovac” which was held on October 15, 2011, “Our Niš” on November 3, 2012 and ”Our Obrenovac” in 2014.

In the large volunteering actions held in Belgrade for the past eight years (eight actions), Gornji Milanovac (one action), Niš (one action), Obrenovac (one action) a total of 3000 employees from 35 companies participated and  directly contributed to improving the quality of life for over 10000 fellow citizens from vulnerable social groups.


Volunteering day is organized in a way so that each of the volunteers has the opportunity to contribute to the social goal to which she/he cares most about – social inclusion of young people with intellectual disabilities, children without parental care and elderly, urban planning or environmental care. The organization of volunteering action “Our Belgrade” is financially supported by the RBF member companies and donors, while in other cities of Serbia the role of the main partner and the initiator of the action is taken over by the companies that operate at the local level.


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