Dejan Turk President of the Responsible Business Forum in New Mandate

Belgrade, September 18, 2018 – Members of the Responsible Business Forum gave their trust to Dejan Turk, CEO of Vip mobile, that in the new mandate, until September 2021, represent the Responsible Business Forum as its President.
Dejan Turk is holding the position of director of Vip mobile since 2014, and since July 2016 he took over the position of CEO of Vip mobile and Si.mobil (current A1 Slovenia). He received many awards for Si.mobil’s six-year management and was the president of the Slovenian Association of Managers, as well as the President of the UNICEF Foundation in Slovenia. He received the award Captain Miša Anastasijević for excellence in business, leadership and socially responsible business. In July 2015, Dejan Turk was elected for the President of the Responsible Business Forum for the first time.
In the last decade, the Forum has done much to strengthen socially responsible practices. It is important that companies see that initiatives and everything that we do individually becomes visible and have a greater effect on society. By investing their own means and resources, companies allow the growth and development of local communities, and that is why it is necessary to larger number of them get involved. Consequently, the members of the Forum are positioned as socially responsible on the market, which is significant for each of them“, said Mr. Turk.
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