New Member of the Responsible Business Forum Presidency

Belgrade, January 30, 2018 – Predrag Mihajlović, President of the Executive Board/CEO of Vojvodjanska Bank, is a new member of the Responsible Business Forum Presidency.
Mr Mihajlović was the governor of the American Chamber of Commerce in two terms, as well as the chairman of the NALED Board of Directors, also in two terms. By taking position of Vice-President of the Forum, he will succeed Mr Marinos Vathis, former president of the Vojvodjanska Bank Executive Board.
Establishing high standards of socially responsible business, Vojvodjanska Bank aims to preserve and promote universal human values as well as the social, intellectual and cultural values of the social community in which it operates.
The governing bodies in the Responsible Business Forum are the Presidency, the Board of Directors and the Executive Director. By participating in the work of the Presidency, the members set a strategic framework and define the directions of the growth and development of the network, while through engagement in the work of the Board of Directors they have the opportunity to participate in the creation of an action plan, making decisions and recommendations, as well as to initiate specific initiatives and themes.