GRI Methodology Implementation

The importance of GRI methodology implementation is reflected in the fact that it provides a reliable and comprehensive reporting framework that can be used by all organizations, regardless of size, sector or location, which guarantees accuracy and, thanks to standard performance measures, allows comparison with other companies. The GRI performance indicators are grouped into several areas: Economic Performance, Environment, Labor Rights, Community, Human Rights and Product Responsibility.In order to encourage as many companies to report according to the GRI methodology, RBF organizes trainings and meetings for the purpose of sharing experiences to help companies apply this complex methodology in a simple and efficient way.

GRI Practice in Serbia RBF member companies that issue reports according to GRI methodology are: Atlantic Group, Banca Intesa, Coca-Cola HBC Serbia, Delta Holding, Erste Bank, Eurobank, Titan Cementara Kosjeric, Vojvodjanska Bank.